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Ever since I started the "What's New" section on my home page, I've had to have a place for those interesting tidbits to age gracefully. I couldn't bear to throw them away! Here are all those featured news items that used to be new!

January/February 2009

Our Beloved Tree
En Famille has MOVED to elsadorfman.com!
The Polariod: the iPod of another generation

webmaster kyle and portrait photographer elsa @
hockney show fotobooth, mfa 4/2/06

April 2008

New Mather House portfolio!

December 2007

Ideas on Portraiture

November 2007

October 2007

May 2007

March 2007

February 2007

January 2007

Happy New Year!

December 2006

friends and family

November 2006

Portraits of our cyber-godfathers and their families!

October 2006

Fall in NewEngland!

September 2006

Check the updated Link's section
and see Elsa's stuff on Wikipedia!

August 2006

enduring the heat

July 2006

Columbia Graduation 2000
Isaac Silverglate and Anthony Ramirez II

Isaac won Silver Lion for his
Combos commericals at Cannes 2006.
He works for TBWA\Chiat\Day.

Anthony Ramirez is the Senior Director of
the After School Division of SoBRO
the community revitalization group in the South Bronx.
He also is the co-founder of Mainland Media.

June 2006

GOOD-BYE Winter!

May 2006

Elsa in motion -->
check out two new short movies on Elsa!

April 2006

Check out Elsa's People & Dogs Portraits

March 2006

Check out Works by Elsa's Friends

angel portraits

January 2006

Elsa's Angels

December 2005

Photos from the Big Apple Circus!

November 2005

Jonathan Richman

October 2005

Portraits > Once... Elsa's Recidivists

July 2005

Being Philisophical about my wisteria

June 2005

sleuthing Creeley's eye...
a meditation on portraits and photoshop

April 2005

Andrea Dworkin
9/26/1946 - 4/9/2005

Dworkin's website
Dworkin in Elsa's housebook

March 2005

Robert Creeley
died on march 30
at sunrise in odessa tx

Creeley's website
Creeley in Elsa's housebook
Creeley and Dorfman's en famille book (web version)
Bob Oakes talks with Elsa about Creeley on WBUR

January 2005

Tsunami Relief

December 2004

On David Brudnoy

November 2004

Good Bye Democrats 2004

October 2004

Richard Avedon

1923 - 2004


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