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Here are links to the home pages of friends of mine and links to pages I found really useful. They are in no particular order:

The Allen Ginsberg Trust just set up its official Web site. Lots of Ginsberg arcana.

Club Passim has been around forever and is a great place in Cambridge.

Dr. PH Martin makes the India ink that I use.

Do you have an aunt who has great family stories? Help her write her memoirs at the Association of Personal Historians.

A great place in Chicago for flowers -- but I can't find a Web site for it -- is A New Leaf.

A really interesting French writer artist typographer is Robert Massin.

indiebride will help you -- or at least make you feel better -- if you're getting married.

Mike Mazur has a Web site for his etchings of Dante's Inferno.

Chicago architect Peter Exeley has a terrific Web site.

Here's an eyeglass frame site from Santa Monica: Spec Tech

I really do look up things on Ask Dr. Weil.

Terry deRoy Gruber is a great wedding photographer.

My studio seamless comes from Superior. You wouldn't think quality matters in seamless, but it does.

Maurie Fox-Warren is my Cambridge accountant. He keeps me from bouncing checks.

I studied with poet John Holmes at Tufts in the fifties.

I really like this Belgian site: Magic Media

Far and away, the best site devoted to photographs of 9/11 is Here is New York I compulsively bought images from this site..

David Abrams loves his little plane. He has a wonderful Web site for it. David and Philip Greenspun flying buddies.

The Grolier Poetry Book Shop is a fabulous and unique place. It's the only poetry bookstore in the country. Louisa Solano is the kind of proprietor and bookseller one expects to find in London.

Here's my friend Sharon Boccelli's antique and auction company.

Two bookstores that sell photo books are photo-eye and KOWASA.

My husband, Harvey A. Silverglate, wrote The Shadow University with Alan C. Kors. He and Alan started a foundation, FIRE, which is a nonprofit educational foundation devoted to free speech, individual liberty, religious freedom, the rights of conscience, legal equality, due process, and academic freedom on our nation's campuses. Also, here's a great essay about him.

A chapter on my work and my life is included in Leslie Sills' new book, In Real Life: Six Women Photographers, published by Holiday House. Here are Leslie and me on Here and Now, WBUR, broadcast February 6, 2001.

A Neti Pot sounds weird, but if you have allergies or a stuffed head or a nasal drip, even, buy one! www.himalayaninstitute.org

A really wild site, hard to describe, is Survival Research Laboratories.

Errol Morris' site is a basic and good introduction to his work.

Two portrait photographers whose work I recommend are Kathy Chapman and Dario Preger.

Even though I have two subscriptions to Photography in New York, I have to go to their Web site because I misplace them!

My friends at the Polaroid 20 x 24 studio, John Reuter and Ben Fraser, have extensive Web sites. John includes his teaching and lecturing schedule.

Tracy Storer runs the California 20 X 24.

If you're at all interested in civil rights, prisons, and how hard life can be, you have to look at 360 degrees. I wouldn't be online if it weren't for Philip Greenspun, who has spun his personal Web site off of photo.net.

Alas, we have no link for THEO, the amazing Belgian eyeglass frame-maker. Please send any information! Nettie Lagace, who helps to design these pages, bought fabulous frames at Somers Optiek in Antwerp. We want to find more Theo frames.

Harvey Silverglate, my husband, has a page for his book, The Shadow University, and his law firm, Silverglate and Good.

See Philip Greenspun's legendary page and buy his book, Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing.  It has 5 stars from Amazon and  a zillion readers' reviews!! That's my portrait of Philip and Alex on the cover.  Also read Eve Andersson's page too and see photo.net.

Bibliofind is very handy. It has several copies of Elsa's Housebook and His Idea.

The Boston Phoenix has a necessary site if yr trying to figure out what to do in Boston or trying to get a sense of  the city. My husband, Harvey A. Silverglate writes a legal column for them. Over the years there have been articles about my work.

The Polaroid 20x24 Studio is in Tribeca in NYC. This site includes portfolios by artists who use the other five Polaroid 20x24s, gives the addresses of the studios in NYC, CA, and Prague, and lists exhibitions of work done on the Polaroid 20x24.

Bob Chatelle is an amazing advocate and has a great and important page.

My friend Mary Panzer curated a fabulous Matthew Brady show at the National Portrait Gallery, which show  travelled to New York City and Cambridge, MA, and now resides in cyberspace.  She also wrote the definitive book about Matthew Brady.

Andrea Dworkin has a wonderful page. See her picture in Elsa's Housebook.

I use Boston Express Delivery for all my pick ups and deliveries.  Of course, this only helps if you live around Boston/Cambridge.

Collected Visions is the project of Lorie Novak and her colleagues at the Tisch School of Art. My portrait of Bob Quinn is included.

Granary Books published my EN FAMILLE, a poem by Robert Creeley and 22 of my portraits, in September 99.

A Zukofsky Gallery is part of the Electronic Poetry Center and includes several of my portraits of LZ.

The New York Voices are the group headed by Darmon Meader. See his parents in Elsa's Housebook.

Creeley's Canines is the page of Charlotte Creeley.

Sharyn November is THE EXPERT in young adult fiction. She is a good writer and has a lot to say.

Old Town Editions is where I have my IRIS prints made by Chris Foley and Mark McCormick-Goodhart. Molly and Van Wood designed my custom frames and have been making them  for me at their company, SmallCorp.,  since 1986.  My back fence neighbor, Rick Roth, makes my tee shirts at his firm, Mirror Image.

This is the page of my pal David LaMacchia.

I adore the clothes by Gudrun Sjoden. Let me know if you are going to Stockholm.

Steve Grimes' former company lives on doing a great job fixing lenses and solving esoteric camera problems.

My site has been blocked by the  public library in Loudon, VA. The case is MAINSTREAM LOUDON V BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE LOUDOUN COUNTY LIBRARY, dated September 4, 1998.. The plaintiffs, the Washington DC firm of Hogan & Hartson and the People for the American Way complain about the library's use of blocking software that prevents even adults from accessing supposedly sexually oriented material on the web.  The following section is included in that part of the brief that details some of  the items that got blocked by the software and that was/is off-limits for adults in Virginia:  "Similarly, on December 2, 1997, plaintiff John White was denied access to a number of websites, including Social Support for Young Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals; a website dedicated to Elsa Dorfman, portrait artist; and the Ethical Spectacle in the Rust Library in Leesburg.  Ex.29, White Decl.,par.6. "  I don't know if Mainstream Loudoun WON and if  now my site can be accessed by adults in Virginia public libraries!!

WaterFire Providence www.waterfire.org -- Hannah Creeley is the office manager. She is the daughter of Robert and Penelope Creeley.

http://www.stoprandyward.com randy ward was great teacher @ Martin Luther King open school Issac Silverglate, Eugene Schneeberg and Aldo Pena Moses were there. See: http://elsadorfman.com/pals/

http://www.myspace.com/soundteam includes on keys GABE PEARLMAN from Martin Luther King Open Schl!!! and The Commonwealth School.

www.ninecooks.com Lydia Walshin's great site abt cooking.

http://www.myspace.com/capsyjones is Will Creeley's space and his web page is http://capsandjones.com

http://www.berglightingdesign.com ..... neighbor lighting architect Jeff Berg turned me onto my LED lights for my wisteria and came up w/a pattern for the bulbs, he made a very important but subtle change to what I had before. He started the bulbs at the base of the wisteria plants. Before Jeff, I had just conventially strung the christmas lights along the top grid. An example of how important tweeking by someone with skill can be.

http://www.myspace.com/mcmightycasey for Casey Gane McCalla whoe is part of PALS

If you're interested in GREAT olive oil write to palenstinebostonoliveoil@yahoo.com -- they have extra virgin olive oil (first-cold-presses). Olive Branch Olive Oil is based in Boston.

http://www.mrsdalloways.com wonderful bookshop owned by my pal Ann Leyhe and her friend Marion Aboott in Berkeley CA.

www.chuckkraemer.com -- Chuck Kraemer is a great carpenter and a great filmaker who has won many many Emmys for his TV work. See my section on his short TV films

Friend Andrea Emmons is founding member of http://www.atlantaprintmakersstudio.org

the lites on my wisteria are made by color kinetics: www.colorkinetics.com

Bobbie Carrey cabaret web site: http://www.bobbicarrey.com

wonderful type site: http://www.ourtype.be/

An interesting site on Jewish Culture: http://www.nextbook.org/ (I don't know how I found it).

Nico Muhly's MySpace: http://myspace.com/muhly

Lilya my neighbor is a belly dancer -- here's her site: http://www.bellydanceboston.com/

A new photo book store in NYC (there aren't that many and they need to be cherished): http://www.dashwoodbooks.com

Book review site worth browsing : http://www.raintaxi.com/

A really good site: http://www.lensculture.com

Books, culture and stuff: http://www.dogmatika.com/

If you are ever in a place where Ryan Landr is performing, you've gotta go and see him -- he is fabulous! http://www.golddustorphans.com/

part of my daily routine: http://newsdissector.org/blog/

i am font crazy - here's the font shop: http://www.fontshop.com

I'm also herb crazy: http://www.merzapothecary.com/

likewise, great herbs: http://www.naturesformulary.com/

And for the ultimate herbal experience, Willner is IT: http://www.willner.com/

And, we can't forget food - go to www.boccellisonthecanal.com a must if your in the neighborhood - it is yummy. http://www.upandunder.co.uk -- I don't go beyond Harvard square but I wear vest and jacket from this company anyhow. The catalogue has lots of rugged stuff suitable for a world different from teh one I inhabit. But what I have bought has been perfect for my 02139 life style.

The Berlin poetry festival is an annual event - it sounds terrific. They have a website: http://www.literaturfestival.com

Courierwear started in Cambridge - they made the ultimate messinger bags. They are now in VT and only sell online. They are a necessity. http://courierwareusa.com -- they also make computer bags and ladies purses.

Save that Stuff -- great Boston Recycling http://www.savethatstuff.com.... they are really great.

Not your ordinary alarm company -- Shufro. They are a small and personal company. NOT a big corporation.

Ohhhhhhhh -- always keep in mind when you fantasize another kind of life the North Bennett St School

Rick's Picks are great pickles from the lower east side of new york. I took his picture years ago.

A friend of mine Mark Lennihan took photographs for this book Vineyards Voices: Word, Faces & Voices of Island People -- read it, buy it!

This website is Nettie's brother-in-law -- it's very provocativeThe Struggle of 9/11/01, or The Warm War

Here's a very good pedometer, simple, cheap and the favorite of all of my friends: http://www.digiwalker.com

an incredible Japanese portrait photographer -- Manabu Yamanaka

oh - if you live in the Boston area, these are the best people to do your wooden floors: Goddard Floors.com

Just a great arty website: http://www.kenwardelmslie.com

Have you ever tried this in your bath? Dr. Singha's Formulations. If not do so! It comes in a yellow and blue box that stands out on the shelf.

This is a weird, but really useful ankle brace made by Malleoloc

The poloroid camera in San Francisco: www.mammothcamera.com

Joachim Knill built his OWN camera, he is a mechanical genius as well as a really good artist. Here's his website: http://www.joachimknill.com

Stephanie Sersich makes nice jewelery -- I took her portrait.


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