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Chuck Kraemer, was a weekly contributor to "Greater Boston" on WGBH, Channel 2, here in Boston, where he produces, reports, shoots, and edits the "Chuck Kraemer at Large" segment. His previous employer was WCVB, Channel 5, also here in Boston, where he worked for more than 20 years in many on-air roles, including arts critic, feature reporter, and technology reporter. Prior to that he was a cabinet maker; piror to that he was a film reviewer and columnist for the Real Paper; prior to that he was a lad in Kansas, desperat to get out. His favorite saying is: "There are two kinds of people in the world: those who want to be somebody and those who want to do something." He is defenitely of the latter ilk.

Chuck did a segment on me and my work in May 2001. Jin Choi converted the program into Quicktime at Rob Silver's Photomosaic Studio so that Nettie Lagace and I could put it up here. Chuck shot so much footage for the program that I begged him to edit some into three very short  films for the web. The first one is a short segment with sui generus radio talk show host David Brudnoy who is celebrating twenty-five years on Boston radio. His program which is heard in a zillion markets is fabulous. His callers run the gamut from tenured professors to people out on parole. The second offers a glimpse of Jeff Gordon, the lovable clown Gordoon of the Big Apple Circus.The third is of Charlotte Creeley and her French bulldogs, The Hammer and The Stone, and her Winleigh Pug, Porkchop. Charlotte has been showing Pugs and French Bulldogs in AKC obedience competition since 1986. She has put 7 obedience titles on 6 dogs. She also writes "The Educated Frenchie" in The French Bullytin." There is also a film about my camera, the Polaroid 20x24. In it I try to show all the details of this wonderful camera and how it works. And a film about my friend John Kristensen and his Firefly Press in Somerville MA.

You may have to download the latest version of QuickTime to see these movies. It's free!

(elsad@comcast.net) This page is the work of Chuck Kraemer, Jin Choi, Nettie Lagace and me.


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