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Art World (China) October 2008

The F Blog 4 May 2008

Webesteem Magazine no. 11 2005

Icaro Magazine December 2005 -- Fotografa Di "Relazioni" an interview in Italian and English

Portraits of Our Time by Katherine Hoffman (Woman's Art Journal 2000)

Portraits by Elsa Dorfman on the Polaroid 20x24 Camera  by Chris Wright (Stuff Magazine, February 1999)

Portraits That Heal: The Art of Elsa Dorfman by Katherine Hoffman(Victory Park: The Journal of New Hampshire Institute of Arts, Spring/Summer 1998)

A Career in Focus: Elsa Dorfman, Portrait Photographer by Clif Garboden(The Boston Phoenix, February 19, 1993)

Profile: Elsa Dorfman by Lois Tarlow (ArtNewEngland, June 1990)

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