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Peter wolf is beloved in Boston and Cambridge. I got to know him because he was a great friend of Harvard English Professor William Alfred. Long ago, before the web, he came to my studio to see what he and I cd to w/ the Polaroid 20x24 camera. A Polaroid team filmed the session, watch for it digitized here. Iam a great admirer of a portrait of Peter that was on a cover of Rolling Sone by Annie Liebowitz. I didn't come close.
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Jonathan Richman is amazing. He has three hundred and fifty three thousand entries in Google at this very minute. Of course he will never know that because he doesn't have a computer and he doesn't go near computers. Jonathan doesn't have email of course, and he doesn't have a cell phone. Don't ask me how he arranges his elaborate traveling schedule, I can't fathom it. Tommy doesn't have email either, I suppose he wouldn't dare. He would have to listen to Jonathan complaining endlessly as they drove on America's highways in their van from gig to gig. Jonathan, of course, doesn't fly...


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