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mailing listtin cup donations You've found Elsa Dorfman, Portrait Photographer. My web site is my obsession. Here is a map that Andrew Grumet and I came up with in 2002, inspired by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Browse on the different subway lines. You can get more literal help, from a conventional site directory in text format. All your questions about me and my work will be answered, and you will be much amused.

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Elsa Dorfman's MBTA Subway Site Map

What's New?

Still clickin' (Sketch of Polaroid 20x24 Camera) in 20x24
  • It's true!! I am taking portrait photography appointments again as of December 18, 2009. Very exciting!!!! You can contact me today.
  • Read this article [opens in PDF reader] about my work in the December/January 2010 issue of Art New England.
  • In September 2009, following conversations with consultant John Mileham, I started major changes on the backend of this site. Kathy Cannon has taken on the job of clearing the cobwebs here. We want you to know about one of the biggest changes:
  • Any links to elsa.photo.net will now work with the domain name elsadorfman.com.
  • Search this site! You can find it all from the new search page.
  • Time moves on and so what's new is now history! Maybe something you're looking for is in the archive. We can't bear to throw it away.

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Kyle and Elsa - the web team in leopard

I built this site with a lot of help from Kyle Elizabeth Nicholls who was my long-time web chief. She's pictured with me here, left and right.

Before Kyle, this site enjoyed the help of Brian LaMacchia and Philip Greenspun and Eunice Chang and Rolf Hanson and Nettie Lagace and Jin Choi and Andrew Grumet. Currently Mike Sisk at TCP/IP Ranch is my web server administrator. He and Janine Sisk of Furfly, LLC were my long-time, most generous hosts. And photo.net is my cyber-godmother, my first web server host. Mailing List and Donate drawings by Diane Nicholls. Polaroid 20x24 Camera Sketch by Elsa Dorfman.

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Elsa thanks her cybergodmother, photo.net, her longtime, most generous host at furfly.com, and her current web host Mike Sisk at TCP/IP Ranch, LLC.

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