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Number of Polaroid 20x24 cameras in the world: 6
Number of years as a portrait photographer: 34
Number of years using Polaroid 20x24: 19
Dimensions of image: 23x36 inches
Number of portraits taken on the Polaroid 20x24: 2393
Largest group photographed: 26 people, four generations
Age of youngest person: 14 days
Age of youngest person with Rollerblades (R): 6
Age of oldest person: 94 (Clara deCollibus)
Age of oldest man in running shorts: 75
Ages of oldest couple: he, 90; she 85
Number of families who posed with pet rabbit: 3
Most frequently photographed breed of dog: labrador retriever
Most famous dog: Alex (like most famous dogs, Alex has his own Web site)
Most cats in a portrait: 5
Number of people wearing t-shirt: 437
People wearing baseball cap: 426
Couples posing nude: 5 (one w/Tobey, 19-pound Basenji)
Families posing nude: 1
Infants posing without diapers: 5
Most famous woman: Julia Child
Number of men in tuxedos: 5 (one w/scalpel; one w/PowerBook (R)
Number of women in tuxedos: 2
Children under ten in tuxedo: 1 (actually, short pants)
Tattoos: 11
Most impressive tattoo: dragon on a 9-month pregnant belly
Most frequent prop: soccer ball
Worst experience by far: family of 12; 8 members each blinked once
Most frequent subject: Allen Ginsberg
Most pounds lost by client between annual portraits: 97
Prop I wouldn't allow: real gun
Most siblings: 11
Most siblings of same sex: 6
Best metonymic prop: steering wheel brought by suburban mom
Number of sets of identical twins: 5
Number of triplets: 1
Number of brides: 2 (one on way to church w/bridesmaids)
Pregnant women: 6
Number of couples celebrating 50 years of marriage: 11
Number of dads who had kids photographed for Mother's Day: 4
Moms who had kids photographed for Father's day: 26
Number of clowns: 7
Number of transvestites: 1
Most unusual group: Moving Violations, a lesbian motorcycle gang
Rock and roll stars: 5
Pulitzer Prize winners: 2
Full professors at Harvard: 3
Number of people who knew they were dying: 8

Price of portrait: $3000 plus sales tax; $3500 plus sales tax and shipping in NYC (one image, framed); Price of replica prints: $500 (11x14, framed) or $1000(20x24, framed)
Location of studio: 955 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts, (617) 876-6416
Can I buy a gift certificate for my friend: Yes



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