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How much does Elsa charge?
$3000 for one portrait, framed. There is a $500 surcharge for travel, studio rental, and the varia of Manhattan life. Shipping and tax are extra.

When will Elsa be in Manhattan next?
She's there at least once a month (Amtrak is great!).

What if I need Elsa on a different day?
Call her.

How do I make an appointment with Elsa?
Email her at elsad@comcast.net or phone at 617-876-6416.

Where does Elsa take the picture?
The Polaroid studio in Tribeca at 75 Murray Street, #3, New York, NY 10007. Phone: (212) 925-1403.

Who does Elsa work with at the Polaroid studio?
John Reuter, head of 20x24 LLC, the Polaroid 20x24 project savior, artist and studio manager extraordinaire, and friend of Elsa's since her first session, February 8, 1980.

Can you move the camera to the Upper West Side and take a picture in my apartment?

How much will it cost?
It starts at $4500, plus the expense of moving the camera.

What about my weekend home in Sag Harbor?
Yes, same price.

What about me and my ten roommates at Fire Island?
Yes, same price.

My grandparents came here through Ellis Island. Could Elsa take my picture there?
Yes, same price, but it would have to be a warm day because the camera doesn't like to get cold.

Are there funky props in the New York studio, like in Elsa's Cambridge studio?
Alas, no, you're responsible for your own funk.

Will Elsa take a picture of me and my dogs? Me and my bike? Me and my masterpiece? Me and my childhood doll?

What about ferrets?

Can I pose nude?

I have twenty relatives. Can Elsa handle them? (I barely can.)

I have a six-month-old baby. Can Elsa take a picture of her by herself?
No, you have to hold her.

Can Elsa take a picture of me and my girlfriend?
Warning: Elsa has a bad track record with people who have not had a commitment ceremony.


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