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<How It HappenedDebbie>
All 3, seated, with pizza

Elsa Carol, you move in a crumb. Okay. Debbie, you have to move in a crumb. Just a real crumb.

Carol Sit up straight. I can hear my mother. Sit up straight.

Elsa No, no, no, you don't. So, wait a minute. All right. I just wanted to make sure it was in focus. That's the thing about this camera. Okay. All right. Now we're ready.

[overlapping voices]

Elsa Now we're ready. Now we're ready. All right. Shh. All right. Now we're ready.

Debbie What if we have pizza on our teeth or something?

Carol I think I do. What do you mean, what if?

Elsa That would be good. Okay. So, look right at the lens. Okay, here goes. You ready? Okay. That's good. Okay. Look right here. Okay. Good. All right. So now you can continue eating and I'm going to process the picture.

[70 seconds later Elsa pulls apart the positive and the negative]

Debbie Mmm-hmm. Oh, my God!


Carol Oh, my eyes are closed!

Elsa I know, but it's great. It's great.

All 3, standing, with backs to camera

Libby That is actually great.

Carol That's a riot.

Debbie This is really funny. Pizza.

Elsa Yeah. It's good.

Carol It is funny.

Elsa Okay.

Carol We're looking good. It was the pizza that did it.

Libby And we're just getting warmed up.

Elsa Right, You're just getting warmed up.

Debbie We're just getting warmed up.

Elsa Next, I guess, after we eat, we should do the three of you bald.

Carol Okay.

Elsa Front and back. Okay.

All 3, standing, facing camera
<How It HappenedDebbie>

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