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< NoHairDayDedication >

I am utterly moved by the intimate genius of this book. Its persons are neither victims nor victors, but simply very real women making altogether explicit what they are up against and how they have found a very human way to deal with it. It's the insistent sense of life in their talking, their questions, their company, which makes all the difference here. It makes one proud to be alive, just that they make so very clear what life itself is all about.
--Robert Creeley

Elsa Dorfman is a genius.
--Alice Hoffman

Intimate, humorous, and ever so real, NoHairDay captures the full catastrophe of life for three women with breast cancer who bravely came together for this artful documentary of their inward and outward odyssey. Part of its power is its explicitness, and part the community of shared doubt, purpose and celebration that emerges. Extraordinary both in the text and the signature Dorfman photographs, NoHairDay is by turns sobering, terrifying, and uplifting. It will be hugely edifying, affirming, and supportive for women facing breast cancer and their families.
--Jon Kabat-Zinn

NoHairDay is an aptly invented title, because the words, stills, and photographs of this book seem to change how we read the images of cancer: in the midst of cancer, there is humor, camaraderie, chemo-chic. We look at these buzzed skulls (sometimes with accoutrements) and, when we get to know (a little bit) the people within them, we recognize the invention of a new genre of image. Not the momento mori, rather the momento vivere work of art: remember that you must live.
--John Limon

NoHairDay is terrific! It is the true picture of breast cancer: ordinary women dealing with an extraordinary problem exquisitely captured by a daring lens. The humor, hope and courage of these women shines through every page.
--Susan Love, MD

Elsa Dorfman has made strong portraits of one of the most important issues today. Her pictures are both biting and poignant.
--Mary Ellen Mark

I love NoHairDay! It's a great courageous full-of-life book. Congratulations. I think it's really timely and no one has treated the subject with such humor and joy. Only you could have done it! Yes! Get it out there.
--Eugenia Parry

This incredibly fresh approach to a taboo subject will be a true comfort to women who feel victimized or isolated by breast canceras well as an eye-opener for all the women who live in dread of this disease. NoHairDay not only broadened my perspective but will change the way I write about this topic from now on.
--Terra Ziporyn, Ph.D, co-author of The Harvard Guide to Women's Health

< NoHairDayDedication >

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