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1. I have been cleaning my study. It is a huge job w/ clippings and notes in piles ten inches high. I came across the following note. It has no date. Did I go to a lecture? Did I read an article? I can't tell when my handwriting looks the way it appears on this paper.

Do you have any clues:

He says his people are a fiction. He tries to make them true to what they are, but they end up a fiction, he is creating a fiction. He doesn't care about the people, he only cares about the picture. He doesn't care abt the process, only the picture. Cares only how people look photographed. Which is what gary winogrand says.

Do you consider these people as props. No, he says.

Please email me if you can help identify the person who said this: elsad@comcast.net -- Wess Gray and Peter Wilson wrote me to say they think it is Richard Avedon which sounds like a good bet. Do you think so too?

2. Who took the family portrait of the Royal Tenenbaums that is used on the movie poster and who came up with the line "Family isn't a word ... it's a sentence."

Please email me if you know: elsad@comcast.net


From: "G. A. Carafelli"

Hi Elsa:

I believe the family portrait that is used for the Royal Tenenbaums promotional poster was taken by Richard Avedon.

I am basing that on info from wesanderson.org, which credits Avedon with the image on the front of the DVD slipcase, which appears to be the same as the image from the poster.

Here is the exact text from wesanderson.org, since the link seems like it may change:

"Only two months until the release of the Criterion Collection 'The Royal Tenenbaums' DVD! Here's exactly what we can expect to find on the double disc set:

"* Special slipcase/box packaging featuring Richard Avedon's cast photo, plus cover artwork by Eric Anderson"

(the list goes on)


Checking around, it seems everyone mentioning the Avedon photo on the DVD is quoting the same press release from Criterion (the company that released the DVD).


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