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607 Franklin Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
voice: 617/876-6416
fax: 617/492-4925
email: elsad@comcast.net
URL: http://elsadorfman.com
born: Cambridge, Massachusetts 1937
Education: B.A. Tufts College 1959 (cum laude, French Literature)
M. Ed. Boston College (elementary education)


Elsa's Housebook - A Woman's Photojournal , Godine, 1974
No Hair Day , 2003

Selected American Collections

Boston Public Library
Colby College Museum
Davis Museum of Art, Wellesley College
DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA
Fogg Museum, Harvard University
Healey Library, UMASS/Boston
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.
Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine
Princeton University Graphic Arts Collection
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
University Art Museum, Berkeley, California

Selected Individual Exhibitions

1998 "Self-Portraits, 1973-1997" ; Gallery NAGA, Boston
1995 "Eight Portraits" , Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
1994 "Forty Ways to Fight the Fight Against AIDS", Courtland Jessup Gallery, Provincetown (traveling)
1987 "These People Live in the 1980s", Museum of Art, Aarhus, DM
1985 "Myself and Other Women", Image Gallery, Aarhus, DM
1983 "Twenty-Nine American Women", Yuen Lui Gallery, Seattle
1977 "Impressions of Women", University Art Museum, Berkeley, California
1975 "Portraits of Women", York University, Toronto, Canada
1973 "Women", Everson Museum, Syracuse, New York
1972 "Allen Ginsberg", Focus II Gallery, New York City

Selected Group Exhibitions

2000 DeCordova Museum , Lincoln, Massachusetts
1998 DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, Massachusetts
1997 Fogg Art Museum , Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1994 "Portraits", Fuller Museum, Boston, Massachusetts
1993 "Portraits", Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, Massachusetts
1993 "His People, Her People, Their People", Boston Center For the Arts
1993 "Opening Exhibit", Davis Museum of Art, Wellesley College
1992 "Women Photographers", Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
1991 "Contemporary Photographers", Fogg Museum
1990 "Figuring the Body", Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts
1990 "Elsa Dorfman and Allen Ginsberg", FotoFest, Houston,Texas
1985 "Aktfoto", Munich Art Museum, Munich, DM
1984 "Contemporary American Portraits", University of New Mexico
1983 "Boston Now", Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts
1981 "Portraits of Men", Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachuetts
1978 "New England Photographers", Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts
1975 "Women of Photography - An Historical Survey", San Francisco Museum of Art
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Baby in diaper, standing up with Mom's help
Family with cat, dog and portrait
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