Pals: Boys Who Grew Up Together

Eugene: Isaac and women.... ha..ha...ha...ha... He was a relatively late bloomer, but once he did, he really fertilized and pollenated.. E**, S*****,O****, S*****, the list goes on and on....and on.... whoever is lucky enough to snare the ever so evasive and charming 007 will be one lucky (& busy woman, whom I pitty). Whatout HOTLANTA..the IVY LEAGUE Baskin Robbins lover is coming to your town... Isaac is like a Buff Jewish Austin Powers...The international lover man of mystery....LOL.... Isaac don't let me come down to Atlanta to suprise you and catch you up in 112 with all the honeys.

Aldo: I could better say something if I knew what exactly Isaac was trying to do this in picture. If it is to look cool, I have no comment. Just kidding. Isaac had some nice dressup clothes also, something I'm still trying to get my hands on.